Delivering Sparkling Diamonds with Smiles and Joy

"Delivering Sparkling Diamonds with Smiles and Joy"

A diamond engagement ring symbolizes pure and enduring love between a couple. The selection of such a ring is a matter of great importance, care, and attention for the betrothed. It's wonderful to have sincere guidance in a warm atmosphere while choosing the perfect diamond ring. Today, let's get acquainted with Leela Gems, a store renowned for its friendly owner and stunning, customer-pleasing engagement rings in terms of both quality and service.

Leela Gems is managed by Sunee Leelamantep, an expert with over 40 years of experience in the diamond and gemstone jewelry industry. The business, initially a goldsmith workshop run by her father, has evolved into Leela Gems at MBK Center, Floor 2 (now relocated to Gaysorn Village, Floor 3)., serving customers for more than a decade. Now, Sunee's three children have joined the management and ventured into e-commerce, making Leela Gems one of the most famous diamond stores on the internet.

MBK Center… The Perfect Location (We've now relocated to Gaysorn Village, Floor 3)

Choosing MBK Center for our store was due to its popularity among both Thai and foreign visitors. Centrally located in the city, it's easily accessible, especially with the direct connection to the National Stadium BTS station.

Jewelry Styles at Leela Gems

At Leela Gems, we prioritize quality materials. Every diamond is meticulously selected, a tradition since our founding. The children contribute modern designs that appeal to the younger generation. Our engagement and wedding rings are known for their stylish, contemporary designs, and we offer a wide selection. Our jewelry is finely crafted by experienced artisans who have been with us for over ten years.

Custom Ring Design Services

Many customers come with their preferred designs, often inspired by international websites. We cater to these requests or help design unique pieces that match their personalities or special occasions. These design and production aspects are overseen by our youngest daughter, Puay, an architecture graduate from Chulalongkorn University with additional training in jewelry design.

Quality Diamonds from Leela Gems

We highly value diamond quality, usually using D-G color diamonds and only the 3 Excellent cut grade, ensuring brilliance and fire in every stone. For diamonds over 0.30 carats, we provide GIA-certified stones, ensuring the highest quality assurance for our customers.

Popular Engagement and Wedding Ring Designs

Currently, simple yet classic designs with a contemporary twist are in vogue. These designs require skilled craftsmanship for detailed work like intricate side engravings. Popular materials include 18K white gold and 18K pink gold.

Advice for Choosing Engagement and Wedding Rings

First, set a budget. Then choose the diamond and ring style you like. We're here to help you get the best value and satisfaction within your budget. We focus on a friendly service approach, ensuring customer happiness throughout the selection process.

Experience the Warm Atmosphere in Choosing Your Engagement and Wedding Rings at Leela Gems, Gaysorn Center, 3rd Floor.

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