Exceptional Diamonds are All About Attention to Detail

Jewelry store in Bangkok
"Exceptional Diamonds are All About Attention to Detail"

Rooted in a family legacy of diamond and gemstone business, Khun Muay - Duangporn Leelamantep brings her lifelong immersion in the industry to elevate "Leela Gems", a comprehensive jewelry store specializing in engagement and wedding rings, as well as a full range of diamond jewelry for couples. Here, we pride ourselves on selecting only the finest diamonds, combined with modern designs, at fair and reasonable prices. Today, Leela Gems is a popular choice, known and recommended through word of mouth.

"Our store, Leela Gems, is a family business," Khun Muay explains. "It started with my grandfather, a jeweler, who expanded from working in a watch casing factory to opening his own shop. If we count from when my grandfather’s store opened, it's been over 40 years. Leela Gems, established by my mother, has been thriving for over a decade. I grew up with this business, gaining invaluable experience from a young age."

Khun Muay, with her degree in accounting from Chulalongkorn University and a stint in auditing at PricewaterhouseCoopers, eventually chose to dedicate herself fully to the family business. "I handle sales and customer service personally, as interacting with clients helps us understand their needs and feedback. I believe learning never ends. I constantly seek more knowledge about diamonds, including training in theory and techniques at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). My sister, an architecture graduate with specialized training in jewelry design, handles our design and production."

She further stresses the importance of honesty and service in their business. "Knowledge of our products, diamonds, is crucial. But what matters most is our focus on service and integrity. Given the high value of diamonds, we pay special attention to quality, details, and honesty, especially with clients who may not have extensive knowledge about gemstones. We aim to earn their trust and build long-term relationships."

When asked whether design influences purchasing decisions, Khun Muay notes, "Design plays a significant role. Our website, showcasing designs by my sister, attracts many who commend our modern, chic styles. Customers often choose us for our designs. Current trends favor everyday wearable modern jewelry, while classic engagement and wedding rings remain timeless."

At Leela Gems, every diamond and gemstone is meticulously selected by experts, emphasizing clarity, brilliance, and quality, with certification from leading global institutes like GIA, HRD, and IGI. The store offers custom design services for jewelry that fits every occasion, from simple everyday wear to elaborate, contemporary pieces, crafted by skilled artisans in various precious metals.

"Currently, my sister and I are brainstorming new collections to align with contemporary lifestyles, including bridal jewelry that transcends the wedding day. For instance, our earrings can be worn as statement pieces for special events or as simple studs for daily wear. We’re always ready to adapt to our customers’ social and daily needs."

Discussing future plans, Khun Muay shares, "We aim to grow, possibly expanding internationally. Every day, I'm fully committed to the business, overcoming challenges. Knowing that customers choose us for their most significant life events is incredibly motivating. It drives us to provide the best service and gratitude to our clients."

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