Leela Gems: Classic Elegance with Style

"Leela Gems: Classic Elegance with Style"

For soon-to-be brides and grooms seeking the perfect engagement or wedding ring, LEELA GEMS is a name that often comes to mind. Known for meticulously selected high-quality diamonds, modern designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and, most importantly, warm and genuine service.

"Every piece in our store is given utmost importance in terms of quality," says Khun Muay, the young and dynamic heir of Leela Gems. "Every diamond over 0.30 carats comes with a certification from a renowned gemological institute. I personally import diamonds, selecting only those with perfect cut proportions, ensuring that our customers get the most brilliantly shining diamonds for their rings and jewelry."

Khun Muay-Duangporn Leelamantep, the third-generation heir of Leela Gems, shares with a smile the journey of her family's jewelry business. Over 50 years ago, her grandfather, a goldsmith, started the family's first diamond store at the Thai Daimaru department store. Later, her mother, Sunee Leelamantep, after helping with her husband's textile business for a few decades, decided to restart her own diamond business at The Old Siam Plaza, eventually moving to a full-fledged store at MBK Center (now relocated to Gaysorn Center) and formally naming it Leela Gems about 12 years ago.

"In the beginning, we focused on selling rare gemstones and special large-sized stones like rubies over a hundred carats, attracting many regular customers due to my mother's friendly and welcoming nature. Later, we shifted our target group to those about to marry, focusing on engagement and wedding rings and bridal jewelry. Our designs are classic but with unique twists that set us apart from other brands. We also adjust the functionality for everyday wear in addition to special occasions, meeting most of our customers' needs."

Beyond standout designs and versatile usability, Leela Gems also resonates with the younger generation through its marketing channels.

"We were one of the first diamond stores to create a website, which has been a great advantage. When searching for keywords related to engagement and wedding rings, Leela Gems often appears at the top without any advertising cost," she says with a smile. "We also use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Line, allowing customers from different provinces and countries to purchase our products easily without visiting our store."

Khun Muay continues, sharing stories of satisfied customers who have left glowing reviews. "Once, a foreign customer bought an engagement ring and wrote about it in his famous blog. After that, many international customers who read the blog came specifically to buy from us. Many Thai customers also write reviews, mainly highlighting our genuine, friendly service. Some customers come in without any prior knowledge of diamonds, and I start by explaining the basics of the 4C's. The atmosphere in our store is relaxed; if they don't decide to buy on their first visit, that's okay. We understand and don't pressure them, as choosing a wedding ring is one of the most important decisions in their life. We want our customers to be happy with their choice."

For the fashion set in the GIT Gems and Jewelry magazine, Khun Muay has selected some exquisite pieces: “The highlight is a 23-carat aquamarine pendant, a rare large size, adorned with another 3.50 carats of diamonds, mixed with a necklace featuring over 200 diamonds totaling 16 carats, creating a beautifully elegant ensemble."

Customers interested in Leela Gems' products can visit the store at Gaysorn Center, Floor 3, or browse the website www.leelagems.com. "We're currently developing a new website to enhance our E-Commerce sales channel, making it more efficient for customers who cannot visit our store. Rest assured, every piece of jewelry still comes with the same quality guarantee.”

"Our goal is to make Leela Gems a guru in engagement and wedding rings. We measure success not by sales figures but by the happiness and smiles of our customers."

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