Leela Gems: Cherishing Every Moment of Your Love

Engagement Ring 
"Leela Gems: Cherishing Every Moment of Your Love"

"Diamonds - Timeless Treasures of Eternal Love," the epitome of perfect, valuable, and rare love. They represent enduring and unwavering affection. Leela Gems offers lovers the chance to express their invaluable love with elegantly classic, modern diamond rings for every special moment, reflecting the sweetness in every loving instance.

Khun Muay, Duangporn Leelamantep, the third-generation heir of Leela Gems, is a dynamic manager blending modernity with her family's expertise. For over 11 years, Leela Gems has evolved through generations, consistently growing its brand online. Let's discover her vision for this thriving business.

Khun Muay shares the story behind the business: “Our family business began with my grandfather, a goldsmith in a jewelry factory. Each of his children (my mother’s generation) expanded the business by opening their diamond stores and creating their brands. My mother started Leela Gems at the MBK Center (now relocated to Gaysorn Center, 3rd floor), focusing on high-quality diamond jewelry crafted by skilled and experienced jewelers.”

Leela Gems stands out for its modern, sophisticated engagement ring designs that are perfect for everyday wear. We offer a customizable experience, allowing clients to be involved in designing their dream rings using 3D Jewelry CAD software, ensuring they see the real design before production.

Beyond the eye-catching designs, Leela Gems meticulously selects only the finest diamonds with certification from globally renowned institutes like GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Every piece of diamond jewelry undergoes thorough quality checks, assuring our customers of the highest standard.

Khun Muay inspires young entrepreneurs, saying, “Pursue what you love with passion. When you love what you do, you enjoy it and tirelessly devote yourself to it. For the new generation, dare to think outside the box. When I started online marketing, my mother disagreed, unable to believe that high-value diamonds could be sold over the internet. But I persisted with our website and Facebook page, and now Leela Gems is one of the top diamond store brands online.”

While business success is often measured in growth figures or sales, Leela Gems values customer satisfaction above all. Khun Muay believes, “Our customers' happiness is our business success. Thus, warm, friendly, and sincere service is the key to our success.”


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