Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Every jewelry pieces purchased from Leela Gems includes a guarantee certificate that contains a detailed description of your purchase and our exclusive premium box. For diamonds weighing over 0.18 ct each, you can choose ones with GIA certificate as well. (To select GIA certified diamonds, click here)


If it turns out that you ordered the wrong finger size, we can usually re-size it depending on the design and how far up or down we are sizing the ring. Sometimes this can incur fees. Please keep in mind that any time a ring is altered from its original state you can compromise the ring's design and integrity. We encourage all of our customers to find a way to provide the correct finger size before placing the order.

The order process normally takes 2-3 weeks.

There will be a deposit of 30%, and the remaining amount to be paid when collecting the jewelry.

We ship all of our international orders using FedEx Priority. Our cost to ship a package internationally is $100. This charge includes insurance for the package while in transit until you take delivery/sign for the parcel. Our shipping fee does not include any other fees such as your local taxes or duty fees. Because we use FedEx as both our broker and carrier when they receive the shipment information they will contact you for the payment of these fees and their administration/handling fee. Depending on customs and your particular location, it can take the package anywhere from 1-7 days or more to reach you after it is shipped.
*Please Note: Because we ship to so many countries worldwide, we are not familiar with all of the tax and duty fees in every country. We encourage all of our international customers to research these fees beforehand so that there are no surprises. Some of the countries that we ship to regularly are listed on our shipping page here. International Tax and Duty Fees

Yes and no. Both four prong and six prong mountings will offer virtually the same security with holding the center diamond. The only real difference between four and six prongs would be that six prong mountings cover more of the exterior of the diamond, making it more difficult to have something come in contact with the girdle of the stone.

For white gold to be white there are other metals added. Rhodium is used to make a gold ring white as gold is naturally a yellow metal. For white gold to be white it must be mixed with other metals. Common metals such as silver, zinc and nickel are used. White gold is a harder metal then Platinum and is not as dense, so when it is scratched it will loose content. Platinum is a naturally white metal. It is more dense then gold, which is why it is heavier. When platinum is scratched, it will loose content like gold but instead scratch and move the metal. Both white gold and platinum require some kind of maintenance in the long term. Platinum requires a polishing to bring it back to its like new condition and white gold requires a polishing and rhodium plating to bring it back to its like new condition. White gold may also need the prongs to be re-tipped due to ware as well. An inspection of the ring will determine this.

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